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Series One: The beginning
The Shinobi bent the corner tight, as you could hear the panting getting heaviler with every step. His shoes hit the ground hard as it made a splash with every step. The rain seem to be more violent today then the shinobi had ever seen it before within the village. He bent another corner and another has more shinobi met up with him at every corner.

In the distance you could hear the screams of women,men and children alike. Flames seem to hover over the village like a plaugue. Even though it was raining hard and lightning and thunder roar across the sky as though the god’s them self were screaming in fear. It still wasn’t enough to drown out the flames and the screams of the people being slaughtered.

As the shinobi hit the final corner there numbers had went from 1 to close to 100 hundred, As the flames made them stop in there tracks. The shinobi looked around trying to find out what was going on. As they did you could hear swords slciing threw bones and flesh as each shinobi fell to the might of this one sword. It didn’t take the swordsmen long to cut threw all of the shinoni as he appeared placing one leg ontop of the dead body’s that surrounded him. He looked over as a small group appeared behind him.

One clearly stood out from the rest as his eye’s seem to glow red “ What do we do now my lord”. The swordsmen said to the man who eye’s glowed bloody red. The man looked over there in the distance stood the kage. Perched on the tallest building in the villages looking down at the onslaught these men were doing. “ He’s our target” said the leader of the group. As more shinobi appeared infront of there kage. Looking as though they were willing to give there lives for the kage.

“Tsk” said the swordsmen as he lifted his sword over his shoulder and placed one hand on the leg that was still resting on the body’s of the fallen shinobi “ and here I thought this was going to be a little more entertaining”. Suddenly out of the group a girl stood infront of them all “ I’ll take care of this bunch just get rid of the kage” she said in a very soft and gentle voice.

The swordsmen step to the side almost seeming fearful of what she was going to do. There leader never took his eyes off the kage. As he now vainshed in the blink of an eye. “ disappear” The girl said as a large flame blast exploding from her mouth whiping out the shinobi that stoof infront of her in an instint. She began to laugh evilly as the rest of the group moved in to kill whatever was left of the shinobi that weren’t hit by the blast.

The kage watched on in horror. The kage was about to go in for the attack but the kage’s whole body froze almost as if he was paralize in fear. Suddenly the leader of the group appeared infront of him with his sword drawn “ Vanish” He said as he thrusted his blade forward aiming foe the kage’s heart.

All the kages woke up at the same time, unbeknown to each other. They awoke body tripping in sweat. They looked at there hands and watched as it shaked uncontrollably “ was this a vision of something that will come to pass” they all thought to themselves, and they slowly rose out of there beds. “ NO I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN!!!” They all said together once again unbeknown to each other.

In the distance a group stood on the horizon. “ Did it work” The leader of the group said. A man was seen nodding to him letting him know that it worked “ and what did they have to say about it” He asked the man “ They believe they can stop it from happening sir”. The leader of the group looked around his small group and began to laugh evilly “ FOOLS NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME” He said still laughing evilly as he now lifted his arm in the air with his palm open. “ I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL” He said balling his palm up into a fist and raising it above his head. As the whole group started to laugh at once.

We really need members Smile

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Create Custom Clans and much more
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