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 Uchiha Cut

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PostSubject: Uchiha Cut   Wed May 11, 2011 1:42 pm

[ Character Information ]

Name: Cut Uchiha
Title: The Dragon of Perdition.
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: A
Height: 6’0’’ Feet, Weight: 165 Stones.

Appearance: From his Academy Years, Cut grew up in his life, growing a more slender face than before. He seems to take more resemblance to him rather than his father, Kane. Under his upper wear, he sports an Akatsuki style short sleeved shirt, a dark purple with a fish net design covering the chest. Over that is a dark purple turtle-neck shirt that has a red rim. Over that, he sports a robe of black, with a hood on the back. From the neck to the arms, there is a red circle on the shoulders, making a red outline at the opening. The robe is long-sleeved like his under shirt, and reaches down to his ankles. He sports black, fingerless gloves with knuckles on them to help him throw a punch. His face even now long and slender like his father as well as his hair to match Sasuke's, the only thing resembling Sera left is his personality, He is often prone to having an Inner-Sano and is constantly being polite to everyone he sees, this is shown in his stance and eyes as he often looks guilty or afraid, even enemies at sometimes, Cut has recently unlocked the first stage of Sharingan from the war in the earth country and so his eyes vary from red to black.

Personality: Cut is a sensible shinobi, willing to end unwanted conflict with polite talking. He's not the kind of person who'd be looking for unnecessary carnage or fights, unlike the stereotypical Kaguya. If he's in a jam that he doesn't want to be in, he'll try his best to be polite, and just end it as quickly as possible without fighting. But, if he can't do that, he he'll usually go for their weak-spot, and take them out easily from there. Even though he's a man of etiquette, the way he talks doesn't seem to speak out that way to other people. He let's his speech tell people that he's a blunt man who wants to get straight to the point, not liking the theatrics of what some like to do. Being a man of such, he's disgusted by horrible mannerisms, but let's them soak in their own mess. For being an Uchiha, however, he's quite timid around the opposite sex, which, if you didn't know by now, was girls. One thing that he inherited from his mother, was the timidity around the opposite sex. He'll usually blush a slight red color when girls are talking to him, and in a worst-case scenario, would faint to the ground. But that's only if the situation would call for it. Sano is usually a calm individual with a quick mind, never being one of anger or angst at all. He passed the emotion class at the Academy fairly well, but there is one thing in his life that will always get him angry; when his sister Serene is in trouble. Even though he knew that she was adopted, he was willing to save her without question in the Earth Country, which was where he gained the Sharingan. Lastly, he is one with quite an open mind, always wanted to learn a new skill.
Likes: To firlt with women
Dislikes: Hate being late.
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Phrase: So you came to die.
Hobbies: Fighting
History: Cut was born in a run down shack on the outskirts of konoha. His mother was Kirina Miroki, and his father Ugani miroki. They treated him like a prince, although they had little to no money. He was their pride and joy and often they went with out meals just to allow him to eat some nights. But it was something they got used to and found a lifestyle that fit both of them. His parents were both retired shinobi that decided to settle down and start a family. Since not having paying jobs they were only covered by the village as a retire grant, not being alot they were forced to live low class. As Cut began to grow he learned basic skills and functions. His father decided that he would make a fine ninja and began to read him stories of the old days and of the great shinobi wars. Thus Cut grew up learning the ways of the ninja. He saw a pack of students one day and aspired to join them, hoping that he could one day be as great as his parents.
Cut turned six and started out in the academey. He was put with one of the many great classes to train and learn what all students learned. Sittin gin class gave him the feel for what social interatcion in the world would be like. Seeing freindships both made and broken, fights brake out and the occasinol jutsu preformed, he was exposed to it all. As the years went on he began to show signs of the miroki clan style. Advancing beyond most students he wa slooked at as a great ninja. But he could not seem to fit in with many of the students. Always being called a freak and a loser. But this did not bring him down as he knew that he could wipe most of them out. The graduatiion day came and he tested in the top five. Surpassing even the hokages grandson. This made many of the older shinobi laugh as Cut passed on and became a Genin. His parents could even swear they saw themselves in him. Always trying to be the best and out rank the others.

GENIN ARC- As a genin Cut worked well with his team. They also did not like him but were glad he was apart of their team. They preformed low ranked missions but were sad. As other teams did higher ranked missions they were left with the lame ones. Like cleaning and chasing kids. But their sensai promised them that the day would come when they would be tested. And theat day came. Their first B ranked mission brought them to the border. An assult on a trevleing group buy sound ninja brought Zamaz’s team to a firce battle. The fight ended well, giving them all a run for their money and in the end showing them all what true ninja life was. They contiuned to preform to the limit showing off most times as they came into the village. But tragedy struck one day as they went on one of their last missions before the chunnin exams. There sensai was attacked in the back ally of the rain village. He was ambushed by three ninja and ultimately killed. The genin could not beleive what happened and in anger thay attacked the ninja. Killing them and stakeing there bodies in the middle of the village. They came back with the teachers memory but strived to be the best they could be.

CHUUNIN ARC-Cut chuunin life was rough. Not even three monthes after he became a chuunin his parents were attacked by ninja. It was a bounty that was put on their heads since they were ninja and it had caught up with them. He chased them down and watched a shis parents were tourted and killed. Instead of running and alerting the village he chased them and tried to kill the people that killed his family. He fought them and was kidnapped. Being used as ransom. Letters were sent back to konoha almost everyweek asking for ransom for the boy. But nothing and no one ever came. Cut began to lose it and went crazy. He broke free and killed all the ninja holding him hostage. He cut thier necks and removed their eyes from there heads. He spent almost a year trying to get back to konoha. Although they had abandoned him he could not find hinmself to betray the village. Comeing back many people thought that he was dead. But he showed greta honer and alligence that he was granted an award and granted postion of jounin.

Dreams/Goals: To prove to the world the Uchiha clan is the greatest clan ever.
[ Combat Information ]

Rank: Head Anbu,Uchicha Clan Leader
Speicality:genjutus,medical ninjutsu,
Element/s: Fire,Lighting,and water

[ Completed Missions ]
Can be added as they complete them.

Combat Strengths: Genjutsu/Sharingan
Cut had mastered his Sharingan at a young age, and received praise for this. Cut has become very skilled with genjutsu. Able to cast them at a glance with his Sharingan.He's also very talented in seeing through and breaking genjutsu.His Sharingan genjutsu abilities have also increased over the time skip, allowing him to easily hypnotize opponents and to control a summoned creature as mighty as Manda.Cut' Mangekyō takes the appearance of three intersecting ellipses.Cut is able to control the flames with his right eye, although both can extinguish them. He suffers from the same drawbacks from using it as Itachi did, as his eye is strained to the point of bleeding, as well as his eyesight gradually began to deteriorate.Cut had trained so much with his eyes that he had reached the stage where he could have his Sharingan activated for extended periods of time, with minimal drain on his chakra levels.He could cast a genjutsu by merely pointing at or looking at someone.Cut could manipulate other people's thoughts without them being aware of it. This technique did not require direct eye contact, as demonstrated when Danzō manipulated Mifune's thoughts without exposing his Sharingan. Danzō stated that he could only use this technique once a day.


His main style of taijutsu is to use the Chakra Scalpel technique, which allows him to form his chakra into a blade and hit his target's muscles, pressure points, and other key points of their body. First, he will quickly assess his opponent's strength and battle style to comprehend their movements, thereby allowing him to easily predict and dodge their attacks. He then uses his medical ninjutsu to systematically take down his opponent in order to disable and subdue them.Despite his age, Cuthas demonstrated tremendous skill and ingenuity in medical ninjutsu. With his extensive knowledge of medical ninjutsu and of the human body, Cut can quickly adjust to any damage done to his body and severely injure a person with a single chakra-infused strike to the chest. He has also developed the unique ability to be able to reactivate dead cells and grow new ones.

Combat Weaknesses: (character weaknesses that apply in COMBAT - Must be equal to strengths )

Additional combat information we should be aware of:

[Inventory Information]

Weapon Name: Name of your character's weapon. Basic ninja tools can be found in and copied from the Jutsu Library. Graduating Genin may begin with both Kunai and Shuriken. This entire section may be copied for each weapon your character wields.
Rank: Rank of weapon; ninja may only use weapons equal to their ninja rank. Kenjutsu specialists amy use swords which are one rank higher and Weaponry specialists may use weapons which are one rank higher. Only puppetry specialist may use puppets.
Description: Describe what the weapon looks like in a few short sentences. Explain color, general length, ornaments, etc.
Special Effects: If the weapon has any special properties that it grants to the user, list them here. Weapons which require chakra must be at least B-Rank.
Obtained: Explain how your character received the weapon and the reason for receiving it.

[Jutsu Information]
The starting jutsu for each rank:
Genin (C-Rank) = 15 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 7 C-rank, 1 B rank
Chunin (B-rank) = 25 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu and Clan jutsu: Max 10 B-rank and 5 A rank
Jonin (A-rank) = 45 Canon Jutsu., Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 18 A rank and 2 S-rank
Anbu (A-rank) = 55 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Justu: Max 25 A rank and 4 S-rank
Saikyo (S-rank) = 70 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 7 S-rank
Kage/Tennin (SS rank) = 80 Canon Jutsu, Custom Jutsu, Clan Jutsu: Max 10 S-rank and 2 SS rank

[ Ninjutsu ]


[ Genjutsu ]


[ Taijutsu ]


[ Personal Jutsu ]

[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

Bloodline/Clan Description: (If this is a unique personal bloodline ability, write a brief description of the abilities it grants your character.)

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: (any jutsus unique to your clan or bloodline ability)\

Rp Sample:

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Uchiha Cut
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