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 Nakami clan of Yukigakure

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PostSubject: Nakami clan of Yukigakure   Nakami clan of Yukigakure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 28, 2011 3:02 pm


Kekkei Genkai: Kori no

Secret Clan Jutsu:
  • Ice Release: Parasitic Ice
    These technique enables clan members to freeze anything they touch. Then they can make the ice continue to engulf the object or victim until they are completely covered. The thickness, depth, and durability of the ice depends on the amount of chakra poured into the jutsu. For example, when in contact with someone, they can either make a layer of ice form over the skin and trap the victim, or they could freeze the water within the body and litterally turn his body into ice and hence shatter him into pieces.
  • Ice Release: Ice Armor
    Clan members freeze a thick layer of ice over top of their skin, making it hard for attacks to effect them unless the ice is broken. However, the chakra infused into this ice allows it to stand the hottest of temperature and the strongest of melee attacks; inside the ice the user can comfortably continue performing jutsus as its not cold enough to change the body temperature.
  • Ice Release: Protective Ice Dome
    Clan members can quickly create an ice dome around their allies and themselves to act as a defence. It is strong enough to withstand the assault of many exploding tags at once, remaining almost undamaged. Though usually it is only performed to protect others.

History: From what people can remember, the Nakami clan has always been small, yet they've thrived in the harsh, cold enviroment of Frost Country. At first, the Nakami clan were simple shinobi who worked hard to survive in the cold enviroment. However, the strived to use the resources they were surrounded by to create jutsus and help defend and enemies who might think on attacking their small home; animal or otherwise.

While all whithin Yukigakure learned to master pre-existing snow, only the Nakami clan managed to creat jutsus which allowed them to create their own snow; which slowly then evolved into their mastery of ice.

Clan Traits: Most clan members have pale skin and their bodies generally have a colder temperature.

Clan Symbol:Nakami clan of Yukigakure Clan_symbol_by_dreamangel_ren-d39qigx
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Nakami clan of Yukigakure
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