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PostSubject: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:51 am


Any Systems like Training, Jutsu etc. are all posted here. If you need the guidance read on.

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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:55 am

Chakra And Jutsu


Every time a character uses any jutsu, or other combat technique which requires Chakra, the chakra levels of said character lowers. The amount of Chakra a character possess is set by ranks, and cannot be raised unless a higher rank is obtained, or some approved item/characteristic is used. Every jutsu shows the level of chakra used in utilizing the technique, and chakra is measured in CP/Chakra points. The levels of Chakra are as follows:

Academy Student -[u] 30 CP
[u]C rank / Genin -
60 CP
B rank / Chuunin - 100 CP
A rank / Jounin- 170 CP
S rank / Kage - 230 CP


Every jutsu has a rank, ranging from E - S. The rank of the jutsu defines the skill level required to utilize a jutsu and the chakra needed, and thus a higher ranked jutsu requires more Chakra and a higher ranked shinobi to use. This means that lower ranking shinobi cannot posses higher ranking jutsu, which is deemed realistic. After all, an eight year old academy student shouldn't be using jonin rank techniques, should they? The level required for which level jutsu are as followed:

Academy Student: E - D
C Rank / Genin: E - C
B Rank / Chunin: E - B
A Rank / Jonin: E - A
S Rank / Kage: E - S

As for starter limits, they can be found in another topic, but they are also here, just for clarification:

Starting Limits:

Academy Student: 10 jutsu
C Rank / Genin: 15 jutsu
B Rank / Chunin: 20 jutsu
A Rank / Jonin: 25 jutsu
S Rank / Kage: 30 jutsu

Allegedly, you can have as many jutsu as you want when you've been approved, you just need to train it, after getting it approved by a staff member in the registration section.

The set limits for chakra cost of jutsu are as follow, depending on rank:

E Rank: 1-2 CP
D Rank: 2-3 CP
C Rank: 4-8 CP
B Rank: 9-16 CP
A Rank: 17-25 CP
S Rank: 32 - 45 CP

Remember when your character chakra has ran to 0, it means your character will pass out onto the battle field or if you have 23 chakra left and try to use and S rank, You die.
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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:56 am


Puppetry isn't an easy speciality to use, and requires more stratergy and planning than others. Here, you can find how many power-ups you can give your puppets, how many your allowed, etc. First, the amount of puppets allowed depends on the rank of the puppet master, so lower ranked ninja cannot have hundreds of subjects, and the same can be said for the amount of hidden weapons. We understand that often it can be hard to plan a puppet an it's tools, so there is a set limit of 'slots' for traps and the like, and you can place them wherever you find is most convenient and helpful in battle. Always try to keep it realistic. It's fine for you to use two slots on the same arm, but you can't have say five hidden traps on just one small part of the body. The number of slots per puppet rank is as follows (Note that an E ranked puppet is near useless):

E rank - 1 slot
D rank - 5 slots
C rank - 7 slots
B rank - 12 slots
A rank - 15 slots
S rank - 20 slots

Also, remember that some weapons/items/traps, such as large sycthes, may require more than one slot, even if it is just one item.
Of course, we couldn't let an academy student have S ranked puppets, so there is a system in place for that as well, and of course, a genin with fifty C ranked puppets would also be overpowered, and the limits are as follows:

Academy student: 1/2 puppet(s) - Two E ranked OR one D ranked (please note you cant have one E and one D)
Genin / C ranked Nukenin: 3/4 puppets - 4 D ranked OR 3 C ranked
Chunin / B ranked Nukenin: 5/6 puppets - 6 C ranked OR 5 B ranked
Jonin / A ranked Nukenin: 7/8 - 8 B ranked OR 7 A ranked
Kage / S ranked Nukenin: 10/unlimited - 10 S ranked OR an unlimited amount of A minus ranked ninja.

Remember, although you can have as many puppets as you want at S rank, you still need to use chakra to control them, thus using chakra. This applies to all ranks in fact; this is the limit of how many you can have, you can use as much as your chakra allows, but try not waste all your chakra controlling them, use a few at a time and switch when the need arises. Note, you can combine some ranks, for instance, a genin could have 2 D ranked and 2 C ranked, but the mix and match depends on the person marking your app's opinion. Although, try not to go overboard, like 4 D ranked and 2 C ranked, keep it low.
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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:58 am


Each and every person must have a Special Characteristic like High IQ, Improved Speed etc. right? Well, this is a guide for it on how much a Rank can have up to like, limitations. Regardless on what kind of SC you will contain with you, it is necessary or not. This is your own choice, not all shinobi will have it.

Rules -

- You must train for the characteristic dependent on the requirements.
- Do not try to avoid the training, us staff have Moderators to watch you.
- You don't need Special Characteristics if you don't want one.
- Do not PM staff for Special Characteristics, go to Naruto Crisis 2.0 Rules and Regulations to find one that you want.
- We do not recommend anything because, they are all up to your choice.
- Please follow the amounts a rank can even have.

Starting Amounts-

This section is the maximum for a Rank to have. You wouldn't wanna see a Genin have 7 Characteristics right? Well although these are beginner limits. You can create your own SC and train for it, so don't worry this isn't the maximum amount in total for the whole RP system.

Academy Student - One Characteristic
Genin - Two Characteristics
Chuunin - Two to Three Characteristics
Jounin - Three Characteristics
Kage - Four to Five Characteristics

How does one get special characteristics?

Special characteristics can be made with your character however you are limited to a certain starting amount. You are also allowed to train for special characteristics IC. See one of the next few post's for this part.

Training Amounts:
C-D ~ 550 Words
B ~ 1500 Words
A ~ 2500 Words

*Note: Special characteristics must be trained at each rank starting from C-D to B etc etc, There for certain SC and there " Level Up" version count only as one slot for your amounts *Example Slighter stronger then the average to Super strength its still only one slot *

Remember that you can create your own Special Characteristic but all will have to be trained for.



[b]Name:[/b]  Name of your Special characteristic
[b]Rank:[/b] Rank of it?
[b]Requirements:[/b] What skills do you need to have in order to have this SC?
[b]Type:[/b] Physical, chakra, mental or misc?
[b]Description:[/b] describe in detail what it does, word requirement, if you need a partner or just by yourself etc
[b]Link to data sheet:[/b] Link us please
[b]Open to the public:[/b] Yes or No?

Rules For Special Characteristics

1) Clearly we all wanted good stuff but in order to have it there needs to be reasonable word count in training for it, depending on how powerfully you make yours the word count may need to be raised from the normal SC training requirements for that rank

2) A rank SC will need 1 admin approve since things we to make sure no one is overpowered

3) For ANY A and some B ( up for mod choice) rank or higher SC there needs to be some requirements added to limit yourself in or others you let used your custom. No one starts off with God like strength when they are lower rank right? They needed to train for it to get slightly stronger then average nin then super strength. Everything take times to build up and same goes for characteristic. To make sure we don't have instant gods running around, make a base and build off it for your character.

4) No one is allowed to copy someone else’s custom UNLESS they get permission to from the CREATOR!!

5) Clearly we don’t 20 people making the same basic SC for example speed orientated SC and just rewording it and claiming to be there own, there are already speed based things so just “ Improving” them won’t be allowed. So just add your own twist or personal touch rather then rewording the concept “ I move really really fast” . Like say “ Faster in hand movements only with the left arm or Can only reach top speed for a short time or able to hold that speed longer for extend period of times” stuff like that, make stuff your own and don’t copy.

6) Remember that you can only make and use SC of your own rank or lower

7) Leveling up these characteristics does not count towards slots
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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 5:59 am


NDC Systems 29780410

Bijuu are large, powerful creatures that are sealed inside many Shinobi bodies, just like Naruto! However, although you would like to have one, your character application would me much more detailed than a regular registration, its like wanted to be a Kage, we must be able to see that you are capable of handling such power.

"Jinchuuriki" meaning the "power of human sacrifice", are those individuals possessing "Bijuu" or tailed demons within their bodies. The demons themselves are known by the number of tails their body possesses, and each has different characteristics. Shukaku ("Ichibi") is the One-Tailed Tanuki, "Nibi" is the Two-Tailed Cat, "Sanbi" is the Three-Tailed Turtle, "Yonbi" is a Four-Tailed Ape, "Gobi" is a Five-Tailed Horse-Whale, "Rokubi" is a Six-Tailed Gastropod, "Shichibi" is a Seven-Tailed Rhino Beetle, "Hachibi" is the Eight-Tailed Ox-Cephalopod and "Kyuubi" is the Nine-Tailed Fox. These Bijuu were once all part of an even greater entity known as the "Juubi" or Ten-Tails. The first ninja, the legendary Rikudou Sennin did battle with the Juubi and split its power into nine individual entities using his Izanagi jutsu, which allowed him to alter reality.

The bijuu are creatures of great power and destruction, and all the ninja nations coveted that power and sought to make it their own as weapons. Very few ninja are capable of controlling such power, only Senju Hashirama the Shodai Hokage, Uchiha Madara, Yagura the Yondaime Mizukage, Killer Bee and Uzumaki Naruto held the ability to control them in their natural state.


One Tail - Shukaku/Ichibi
Two Tails - Nibi
Three Tails - Sanbi
Four Tails - Yonbi
Five Tails - Gobi
Six Tails - Rokubi
Seven Tails - Shichibi
Eight Tails - Hachibi
Nine Tails - Kyuubi

Once a Jinchurikki is taken, it will be crossed out and red.
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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 6:00 am


Training System, all shinobi must train to improve right? Well, we all must make sure you guys train properly and fairly. We don't want any cheap training here. This Training System is here to help you and guide you along the way while training. Make sure you're following the training system or otherwise, we will close down your training and you will redo it.

All Jutsu that are seperately approved, that was never created in your application must be trained for to keep things clear and smooth. All of your training posts must have a minimum amount of words to complete the training for your jutsu.
E Rank - No Training Required
D Rank - 150 Words Required
C Rank - 450 Words Required
B Rank - 575 Words Required
A Rank - 850 Words Required
S Rank - 1200 Words Required

Equipement, Weapons and Puppets that are two ranks lower than your current rank are reccomended that you do not have to train for it. Ranks above your current rank are to be trained. They are similar to Jutsu Training. This is necessary and you must train for the items, equipement, weapons and puppets that are ranked above yourself.
Dont want to train? Very well, thats your option, your option to not be able to control your own weapons etc. You don't have to train it, but if you refuse to, your weapons etc. your equipement will be removed from your hands and deleted. This is your choice, not being able to train for your own stuff is unbelieveable. This is simple. Its the same as the Jutsu Training amount, its for your own good. Don't want to? Fine, do what you want. You will be caught.
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PostSubject: Re: NDC Systems   NDC Systems Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 6:08 am


Guest glad you can make it. Todays lesson will be about Ryo and what it is used for here on Naruto Crisis.

  • Ryo System
  • Buying Items
  • Making your very own Shop

Naruto: Divine Chaos has one unique element to its system, called the Ryo System. It is not a simple statistic system as people might expect, rather it is a kind of currency or experience point system. These experience points, may be used to buy power-ups during battle by via PMing a mod. To be used to buy for your new custom techniques, and a lot of other things. Missions, Bounties, Looting from defeating other characters, and Jobs are the most common way to earn Ryo

Let's start with the first question that will come into mind, What is Ryo exactly?

Ryo will be the main experience points that you will use for your character in the forum. You may use the Ryo to buy power-ups during battle, for example increasing your hand seal formation speed, buy custom items which will be priced by the Application Moderators for you and register jutsu. The Ryo System presents new possibilities, and reduces the risk of overpowering. To get Items and Weapons you must be in a country that has a weapon and items shop. Then you will post their about what item you want. Everybody on the forum starts with 500 Ryo.

Buying Items

Buying Items, weapons that are purely made up of your imaginative reach is possible with the Ryo System, as well as pre-made weapons. Once you create your weapon using the template, you may post an application on the weapon's shop. The mod will price it for you, and there is a specific price range depending of the rank of your weapon or item. The amount of Ryo will be deducted once the deal is sealed off. The process cannot be undone. Other weapons that are canon can be bought from in the stores inside of the villages, but remember to post IC in the topic with the store keeper and he will post IC back giving you the weapon.

Creating a Custom Shop

Here are a few things I would like to clear up.

1) Anybody can open a shop. They may sell items, and weapons. They can make equipment and sell them if they wish even if they do not use it themselves. Try to sell things reasonably; you're not gonna sell a C-Ranked weapon for a high price are you?

2) You are allowed to try and rob a store only when the shopkeeper is online. If you win the fight you will be able to take some of the shopkeeper's Ryo and maybe an item or two. Of course if the Shopkeeper refuses the fight you may take what you want freely. This is how much you are allowed to steal from the shop if the shopkeeper has the amount as well as items.
If you are defeated and lost the fight however, well your fate is up to the shopkeeper. It't just luck.

3) You are allowed to haggle and lower the price if you are good with your words or the shopkeeper is nice enough. (Or you become a sneaky bastard and put the shopkeeper in a genjutsu.) But if the shopkeeper doesn't like it, he'll throw you out.

4) And above all remember to add the items and things you buy into your profile and have proof of purchase by showing the topic you purchased it in. You may not purchase and item for your alternate account.
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In the organised society of the villages, ninja are given missions (任務, ninmu) depending on their rank. The missions are categorized in five ranks, based on the mission's possible danger or level of importance.

To get a mission, you must be in your village that you reside in. In the village there will be a mission board with missions that Kages are able to put up. Note: The Kage must be in the village to give you a mission. He/her- Kage can not check the mission board if he is not in the village. When embarking on your mission make sure you post the topic in the area in which the mission is described to take place. Your missions will be read and revised by a mod/admin so be fair and logical. To make things more challenging and fun it is usually a good idea to ask a fellow member to rp as an npc(s) in your mission. Once you finish your mission be sure to officially exit all topics in regards to it. Go into the Mission Board and notify that your mission has been complete, show us the link as well. After that we will reward you with as much Ryo as you are suppose to be awarded with for completing the mission.

D-Rank • Assigned to Genin fresh from the Ninja Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd like farming and babysitting work. The reward for a D-rank mission is between One Thousand and One thousand and Five hundred Ryo.

C-Rank • Assigned to more experienced Genin or Chuunin. They are missions anticipated to have some combat involved with the possibility of injury to the shinobi performing it. Examples are guarding people, background investigations, or capturing or suppressing wild animals. The reward for a C-rank mission is between Two Thousand and Two Thousand and Five hundred Ryo.For Genin to solo a C-rank mission they must have completed at least 3 D-rank missions otherwise they must be accompanied by a Chuunin rank ninja or higher.

B-Rank • Assigned to experienced Chuunin. They are missions anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja. The reward for a B-Ranked mission is between Three thousand and Five hundred and Four thousand and Five hundred Ryō.
For Chuunin to solo a B-rank mission they must have completed at least 4 C-rank missions otherwise they must be accompanied by a Jonin rank ninja or higher.

A-Rank • Assigned to Jōunin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces. The reward for an A-rank mission is between Five Thousand and Five Thousand and Five hundred

S-Rank • Assigned to experienced Jōunin and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents. The reward for an S-rank mission is more than Six Thousand Ryo.
For Jounin to solo a S-rank mission they must have completed at least 2 A-Ranked missions otherwise they must be accompanied by at least another Jounin rank ninja or higher.

Counter/Intercept Mission(Mainly for Criminals)

Counter/Intercept missions are designed to do exactly as they are entitled, to counter or intercept. These special missions are used to target specific ninja and prevent them from executing the mission objectives of their own. This special type of mission has a couple of requirements.:

1) The ninja who want to counter a mission by said ninja must have some sort of in character knowledge about it. It doesn't have to necessarily be specific, it can be as simple as knowing that certain ninja will be headed to a location for whatever reason. Just be sure that the way you obtain this knowledge is logical and reasonable.

2) If you have valid In character knowledge to potentially counter/intercept a mission you must have at least just know some knowledge about it and a good reason to join and your able to join, but if you give some dumb excuse, we will delete your post.

Mission Template:

Name: The name of the mission should revolve around what the mission is about.
Rank: D, C, B, A, S\
Location: This is where the mission will needed to be done at.
Requirements: This is how many people and rank required to be in the mission.
Reward: Weapons, Ryo, and whatever you want to give the person for completing the mission.
Description: This is where you tell us what the mission is about and what will needed to be done.
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NDC Systems
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