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 Staff Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Staff Responsibilities   Staff Responsibilities Icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 6:23 am

.: Naruto: Divine Chaos - Staff Responsibilities :.

Dear Shinobi,
These are the rules for all Staff members. Before we upgrade any staff member we must make sure they read their job over and over again. Their will also be a code that they will have to find in this topic to become staff. The words will change almost every day so people don't try to cheat and skim through these rules. For every Staff member, when checking someones app please do not skim over them to allow op characters to come into Naruto Divine Chaos and then we would have to reboot the site and check apps all over again.

Staff Ranks -
Staff Ranks of the site and how the system will go for what each and every staff job will be. Once you get it follow the job or you will be fired.

Level 1 - Admin/Founders
Level 1 Admin are the leaders of the forum, they are the ones that keep everything in place and make sure everything is as it should be. One of their main responsibilities no one else is capable of is point management. Admin are expected to be kept occupied with many things so please don't bother them about applications.

Level 3 - Senior Mods/Moderators
Senior Mods or just Moderators as they are some time known will have moderating capabilities over everything apart from the Roleplaying section. They will be able to approve characters, weapons, jutsu, etc. but will not be able to moderate the the RP areas like the villages and any topics within.

Level 2 - Global Moderators
Global moderators will have similar powers and authority to the Admin although just without the point management capabilities. They will also watch the forum to make sure everything is as it should be and moderator in all forum boards. Advertisements is one of the main things they should be able to speciallize at.

Level 1 - Application Moderators and Batle Moderators
-Application moderators will be able to accept character, weapon, clan and jutsu applications alone, they will not be required to do anything else. Their main goal will be to make sure that all apps have been looked over. App mods are mainly the ones keeping op characters from entering the site so please don't skim through any app.
-Battle Moderators are used to stop all arguements from happening in a fight by solving the problem. Most Battle Moderators a very very good rpers when it come to doing it their selfs. None of our Battle Moderators will be beginner or intermediate rp players which will be done by our way of looking around for the first days of playing the forum to see who is the most best for the job.
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Staff Responsibilities
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